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MAC-Team is the European Multi Actors Cooperation network.
MAC-Team is the result of a long term informal network started at the end of the 80's via collaborations in European projects.

The first "MAC" project effectively using the acronym "MAC" in its name was approved in 1995. Since then, many "MAC" projects have been implemented. The legal structure as such was created in 2005.

  • "Multi Actors" means that MAC-Team generates or participates into projects in which all the stakeholders of a problem are involved at a stage or another stage to find appropriate solutions.
  • "aisbl" stands for international not-for-profit association, which is a legal structure under the Belgian law.

MAC-Team aisbl has been supporting many members and partner organisations in European projects, notably in regards to quality assurance, evaluation processes and dissemination activities. Within the INTEREST context, MAC-Team  especially contributes by:
- implementing a collaborative monitoring dashboard with its supervision;
- bringing in the Open Badges approach and guiding the INTEREST partnership in the integration of that approach both at project level and at training offer level to the benefit of the SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Mentors stakeholders.

The MAC-Team website presents the statutes of the international not-for-profit association. MAC-Team's activities are more visible via the websites of the various projects it participates in, as for instance: : to help business incubators accompanying start-up managers to become real entrepreneurs : Transversal Lifelong Learning project on the Wiki culture and new applied, collaborative and participative learning models : CERTITUDE Leonardo da Vinci European project to deliver a Tutor skills certificate (ISO alined)
- : Training solutions and its transfer mechanisms for Managers in the Social Economy
- : to support fair and responsible practices in the supply-chain, especially sub-contracting SMEs
- : labellised training solution on Social Responsibility towards Human Resources and Managers in SMEs : towards a professional label for job profiles in the Human Resources function
- : the European agro-food network supported by the European Leonardo da Vinci programme.
- : innovative vocational training and decision-making tools for actors "from the grape to the glass"
- : Vocational Education Training basic curricula in agro and rural business development
- : training on informal mangement of intellectual property for SME managers
- : training on dairy farm diversification and rural business development
- : European University-Enterprise cooperation network, supported by ERASMUS programme.
- : INSIST project - INtergenerational Succession in SME Transition
- : FAME programme - FAMily BusinEss Sustainability and Growth
- : TRUST-Me project - Business Mentor Skills Development Programme
- : MentorCert project - Towards mentor certification
- : EYEE project - Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs in Europe.

MAC-Team asbl developed tight partnerships with ADINVEST International in relation to the SME, Entrepreneurship and Mentoring related EU projects.

MAC-Team contacts for the INTEREST project:
MAC-Team website:
Yves Boisselier - yb [-at-] mac-team,eu
Pascal Echardour - pe [-at-] mac-team,eu


Dr. Péter Soltész and László Varga
BBS - Budapest Business School
29-31 Markó Street,
H-1055 Budapest, Hungary
INTEREST project
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